JJ Elliott Monumental Musical Regulator Longcase Grandfather Clock

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A spot of history and a magnificent antique on this otherwise unremarkable, rainy Thursday. The item pictured below is part of a private collection and while offers will be considered it is otherwise not for sale and, we're proud to say, has found a home inside Sparg's Furnishers.
Height - 260 cm
Width - 54 cm
Depth - 37 cm
Circa 1900
This spectacular clock is quite remarkable in its quality and construction and is in very good condition.
An extract from Selling Antiques:
The clock was made JJ Elliott of London who produced clocks of the very best quality. A brief resume of the companies history is listed below:
The name of Elliott has been synonymous with quality clocks for well over over 100 years. In 1865 James Jones Elliott of 156 Cheapside in the City of London, was apprenticed to "Bateman" of 82 St John Street, Smithfield, London., to learn the art of clock making.
It was not obvious at the time, but this was to be the origin of a company that would achieve a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of the fine quality Elliott of London clock.
Initially, JJ Elliott specialized in producing pinions and balance shafts. He progressed to making, and patenting, a weight-driven movement which had chimes on tubes. This original Elliott clock was very successful and resulted in considerable trade with America.
This particular example is the finest and most expensive clock that the firm made and is illustrated in their sales records of 1909 as their number 1 model and due to its massive selling price of £178 it was made in small numbers with most clocks exported to America which was an important market for the company until the American government introduced huge import tax levies onto such items. They also provided clocks to other retailers and this clock was sold by Russells of Liverpool who were probably the finest retailer in the country outside London. The firm also sold movements to firms such as R J Horner of America who produced heavily carved cases, some of them massive in size.
At its time of purchase it would been the modern equivalent of buying a new Bugatti car and only the very wealthiest clients would be able to afford it. Cost was very much a secondary consideration in the manufacture of this item.
This clock is simply magnificent and made so well that it defies belief.

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