Houston La-z-boy
Houston La-z-boy
Houston La-z-boy
Alpine Lounge

Houston La-z-boy

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3 footrest positions
Absolute control for the user
SUPERIOR RAW MATERIALS Made with timber – the average age of of the wood is 20 years
High-quality fibre
Superior high-density foam
BACKRESTS & ARMRESTS Hight backrest with 5 rolls for aesthetic appeal and back support
Narrow armrests – space saving
UPHOLSTERY COVER Available in a wide range of fabric and genuine leather types, textures and colours to suit any décor preference
Superior leather and fabric upholstery covers
WARRANTY 10 Year limited warranty for customer confidence and peace of mind
CUSTOMISABLE COMFORT SELECTORS Comfort selectors/handles are available in either stainless steel or wood finish (wood in a choice of light or dark stain)
Recliners with wooden comfort selectors will automatically come with the same colour base
Recliners with stainless steel comfort selectors will automatically have a darker colour stained base